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Nursery Attendant Job Description

If you're interested in this role, please contact the church office for an application. 

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PURPOSE: The Nursery Attendant provides care and nurturing for the children of Hillsborough Presbyterian Church (HPC). The Nursery Attendant is a paid employee of the church and is not a member of the church.  The Nursery Attendant is employed by the Session, with direct supervision provided by the Pastor. 


In order that the Session and the Nursery Attendant may engage in a relationship that is mutually satisfactory and rewarding, the following understanding is agreed:



  1. Will provide a comfortable working environment in terms of temperature, space, and cordiality.

  2. Will provide suitable supplies, in adequate quantity and quality, to allow efficient work.

  3. Will provide clear supervision and support the Nursery Attendant. The Session has appointed the Pastor as its direct contact and supervisor. In the Pastor’s absence, or when it’s desired to discuss matters with someone else, the Clerk of Session, the Moderator of the Personnel Committee or the Moderator of the Christian Education Committee may be contacted.  If satisfactory resolution is not achieved, then an appointment can be made with the full Session by request through the Clerk of Session. 

  4. Will provide employment of less than 20 hours per week paid hourly. 

  5. Will provide a performance review, pay review, and recommendation for the next year’s hourly rate annually for inclusion in the following year’s budget. During the first year of employment there will be a 90-day and 6-month evaluation in addition to the annual review.

  6. Will contribute the employer’s share of FICA.



  1. Is expected to work independently (with minimal supervision) to accomplish tasks.

  2. Is expected to seek the direction of the Pastor when unsure of work expectations.

  3. Is expected to be courteous to all. Brief conversations with church members and visitors are encouraged.

  4. Is expected to observe scheduled work hours and to give maximum notification to the Pastor if unable to do so.

  5. Is encouraged to suggest changes in established procedures.

  6. Is urged to voice any dissatisfaction with her/his employment, first with the immediate supervisor
    (Pastor) and then with the Moderator of the Christian Education Committee, the Moderator of the Personnel Committee, or the Clerk of Session.

  7. Termination of Employment: It is expected that the Nursery Attendant’s resignation be given in writing with a minimum of thirty days’ notice to the Pastor.



  1. Cares for and nurtures the children during nursery hours on Sunday mornings and, as mutually agreeable, during nursery hours at other church events.

  2. Establishes and maintains good health, safety, and sanitary procedures in the nursery.

  3. Greets parents and children at the door of the nursery and provides a warm, caring atmosphere.

  4. Records attendance and monitors the children’s activities in the nursery.

  5. Develops a positive relationship with the children.

  6. Advises the parent(s) and pastor of any accident, injury, or appearance of sickness of a child; completes accident report as appropriate.

  7. Straightens the room and cleans floor, furniture, and toys, as needed, before leaving.

  8. Notifies the Christian Education Moderator when toys or other nursery items are in disrepair, supplies are low, assistance is needed, or other problems arise.

  9. Completes a record of actual time worked for submittal to the Pastor and Christian Education Moderator. 

  10. Maintains a work schedule calendar that coordinates with other nursery workers.

  11. Notifies the Pastor and the Christian Education Moderator of planned absences two weeks ahead of time and as promptly as possible when illness or other conditions prevent attendance. Will not come to church or a church event if sick with a communicable disease.

  12. Covers childcare responsibilities for other church events, when mutually agreeable.



  1. Experienced in the care of young children, including babies and infants, and/or completion of Red Cross [or equivalent] Babysitting Course.

  2. Must be an adult (defined as 18 years or older).

  3. Satisfactory completion of background check.

  4. Completion and documentation of required training in compliance with HPC’s Child and Youth Protection Policy.

  5. Completion (at HPC’s expense) of training in First Aid and Infant CPR (if not already certified) within one month of employment.

  6. Experience and/or knowledge on how to care for children with special needs.

  7. Establishes and maintains a positive relationship with children and their parents.

  8. Knows the location of first aid kits, emergency exits, emergency [911] calling procedures, emergency contacts, fire extinguishers, and other key emergency items at HPC.

  9. Minimizes the risk of transmitting infectious diseases (including but not limited to COVID-19) by using appropriate personal hygiene, including but not limited to handwashing and use of disinfecting lotions.

  10. Must be able to lift and carry a minimum of 40 lbs.


WORK SCHEDULE: Except under unusual circumstances (for which the pastor would notify ahead of time), the regular work schedule consists of 2.75 hours on Sundays (9:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.). When mutually agreeable, Nursery Attendant staff may work additional hours to cover childcare responsibilities for other church events beyond the Sunday morning schedule (with arrival 15 minutes prior to the event and stay until children are picked up and room is straightened).


COMPENSATION: $50/Sunday ($20 per hour for other church events)


SPECIAL CONDITIONS: This position is classified a part-time support staff and does not include paid leave or other benefits afforded to full-time personnel. 

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