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Why Church?
"It is a family."-Karoline Mathewson

Our Mission

Our foundational mission is to love God and love our neighbors. In our life together, we encourage one another to share the good news of Jesus Christ in all that we say and do. Our education, outreach, and fellowship opportunities are among the many ways we live into this call.


Our church is based in the Presbyterian Church (USA) tradition, yet God has blessed our congregation with diverse vocational, religious, and denominational backgrounds. We believe this gives us a unique passion and strength to carry out God’s work both within our church and in the wider Hillsborough community.


With God's help, we seek to nurture ministries for all ages, foster ecumenical ties with other communities of faith, and deepen our commitment to respond to the needs of our local community. The doors of this historic church are open to anyone and everyone!


Our Vision

"To listen, learn, share and serve as we journey with Jesus Christ to nurture relationships that bring healing, hope and joy to all, in our church and beyond." 


We carry out this vision by:

  • Providing diverse fellowship opportunities to deepen our relationships with one another.

  • Encouraging everyone to take an active role in the life of the church – especially our children and youth.

  • Seeking to understand and respond to issues of social justice in ways that reflect God's mercy and grace.

  • Developing a wider range of Christian education opportunities for people of all ages.

  • Connecting our church family with the wider Hillsborough community both in word and action.

Our Church Family

Our Church Family
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